Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers 1

1. ____ your attention to your work

Answer: give

2. It is ______ island of great beauty

Answer: an

3. ____________novel that you gave me is very interesting.

Answer: The

4. Rahul is fond of eating chocolates. Find out the gerund in the sentence:

Answer: eating

5. I am not all satisfied ____________.

Answer: am I

6. I am familiar _____________ this locality.

Answer: with

7. Of the two sisiters, Gayathri and Theertha, Gayathri is __________ attarctive

Answer: more

8. Which of the following is the word opposite in meaning to the word 'amateur' ?

Answer: professional

9. Choose the incorrectly spelt word

Answer: reccommend

10. That work is __________ for any man to do single handed.

Answer: too much

11. .I _________him seven years ago

Answer: Met

12. Which country is world's first smoking free country ??

Answer: Bhutan

13. Which is the largest city in Asia by area??

Answer: Beijing

14. Choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the word ‘PREPONDERANCE’:

Answer: Dominance

15. Which is incorrect?

Answer: Two 12-years-old girls

16. _____ is a very good form of exercise.

Answer: Running

17. Two dozen oranges ____ only twenty rupees.

Answer: cost

18. I met a lot of people ____ my stay in New York.

Answer: during

19. . I dislike ____ to my house.

Answer: his coming

20. Choose what expresses the meaning of the phrase ‘a black sheep’—

Answer: A family member one disapproves of

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