Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers 6

101. Have a cup of tea, ________

Answer: will you

102. The word ‘mock’ means

Answer: ridicule

103. Ragav is ____ electrician.

Answer: an

104. Fill in the blanks
She reached _____ her destination in time

Answer: nothing required

105. The Prime Minister______graciously at the crowd

Answer: grinned

106. I wish it wasn't raining means
a. It wasn\'t raining
b. It will rain
c. It isn\'t raining
d. It is raining

Answer: It is raining

107. The word which has the same meaning of "prominence” is :

Answer: importance

108. Either the students or their teacher________________________come

Answer: has

109. When I arrived at the school, the bell______________________________

Answer: had rung

110. When was ______ radio invented?

Answer: the

111. The opposite word in meaning to novice is :

Answer: veteran

112. Collective noun for guns is :

Answer: battery

113. She sang welll, ____________

Answer: didn\'t she ?

114. He is ____________ unique politician.

Answer: a

115. The synonym of "absurd" is :

Answer: foolish

116. . Which of the following is wrongly spelt ?

Answer: recured

117. choose the correct antonym of Freedom

Answer: restriction

118. .He has been working here___1990

Answer: since

119. Who is known as father of the nation Bangladesh ??

Answer: Sheikh Mujib ur Rahman

120. Geetha suggested ____ to the cinema.

Answer: going

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