Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers 18

341. ____ are you working for

Answer: what

342. One word for ‘show in the form of a picture’ is____

Answer: depict

343. The opposite of ‘derange’ is

Answer: arrange

344. That was the _____ question in the paper
a. more difficult
b. difficulty
c. difficultest
d. most difficult

Answer: most difficult

345. __________ large city Kochi has become in ten years

Answer: What a

346. What is the meaning of the idioms
Wow! It's raining cats and dogs today! I wish I'd brought my umbrella to school!

Answer: It\\\'s raining heavily.

347. The Prime Minister______graciously at the crowd

Answer: grinned

348. I _________ dinner before i watched TV.

Answer: had eaten

349. He works eight hours ________ day.
a. a
b. an
c. one
d. the

Answer: a

350. The opposite of borrow is:

Answer: lend

351. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposi,tion: I have been staying here ------- 2005

Answer: since

352. How long you ____________ here ?

Answer: you been waiting

353. Are you afraid ___snakes.

Answer: of

354. Statutory means

Answer: fixed or controlled by law

355. Which person is known as “Light of Asia" ??

Answer: Gautama Budha

356. Which is the largest city in Asia by area??

Answer: Beijing

357. Raju bought ____ flowers to decorate the hall.

Answer: bunches of

358. Arbiter means:

Answer: Appointed by two parties to settle a dispute

359. I want to avoid .......... him.

Answer: meeting

360. Choose the misspelt word—

Answer: Percieve

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