Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers 20

381. _____ ship is not in a condition to make a long voyage.

Answer: The

382. Raju is ____ engineer
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. None of the above

Answer: an

383. Roentgen was ___ German physicist who discovered x-rays, revolutionizing medical diagnosis.

Answer: a

384. The umbrella is:

Answer: yours

385. .Choose the antonym of the word 'rigid'

Answer: flexible

386. When was ______ radio invented?

Answer: the

387. Which of the following is correctly spelt.

Answer: Connoisseur

388. I am not all satisfied ____________.

Answer: am I

389. . "It is a very wonderful opportunity ". The sentence is _____________ .

Answer: assertive

390. Choose the incorrect part of the sentence. Much water / has flown / under / the bridge

Answer: 2

391. An Oncologist treats the patients suffering from :

Answer: Cancer

392. I am elder than you, ___________

Answer: aren\'t I ?

393. Choose the incorrectly spelt word

Answer: reccommend

394. None of the people arrive in time for the meeting, ____________ ?

Answer: did they

395. . A ____________ of lios.

Answer: pride

396. _____the rain stopped ,the play had to be suspended..

Answer: Until

397. How much of the Earth’s total surface area does Asia Covers?

Answer: 8.8%

398. Ikebana is the traditional art of flower arrangement in________

Answer: japan

399. He ____ reply to your letter as soon as possible.

Answer: will

400. The river divides the city ____ two parts.

Answer: into

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