Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers 8

141. ____ the injured person on the rug

Answer: lay

142. I ____ walk ten miles without getting tired

Answer: can

143. I first met him ______ year ago
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. None of These

Answer: a

144. Leonardo di Caprio is ___ actor.

Answer: an

145. ___ I had known how much I would disappoint him, I wouldn\'t have done it.

Answer: If

146. It\'s usually quite simple to cross the border between the USA and Canada ___ these two countries have friendly relations.

Answer: because

147. Mohan is five years senior ______ Jaleel

Answer: than

148. I need_________rice

Answer: some

149. The announcement of the results ________ awaited
a. am
b. were
c. is
d. are

Answer: is

150. A duke's wife is known as :

Answer: duchess

151. The feminie gender of 'milkman' is

Answer: milkmaid

152. She often _____________ to church

Answer: goes

153. Neither of them ___________ the answer.

Answer: knows

154. The synonym of "absurd" is :

Answer: foolish

155. You ____________ ask permission.

Answer: had better

156. 'Please come in' is _ sentence.

Answer: imperative

157. I expect my friend ____ the third of next month.

Answer: by

158. . I dislike ____ to my house.

Answer: his coming

159. The river divides the city ____ two parts.

Answer: into

160. . Copper is ......... useful metal.

Answer: a

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