Kerala PSC Information Technology Questions and Answers

1. What kind of scheme is used in the HTTP protocol

Answer: request/response

2. SSL short for?

Answer: Secure Socket Layer

3. The process of loading OS into main memory is called

Answer: Booting

4. In computing, the term \"app\" is short for _____

Answer: Application

5. Which one of the following key is used to refresh the web page?

Answer: F5

6. The movement of text, graphics, or objects in a presentation is called_______

Answer: Transition

7. keyboard is ______ kind of device

Answer: Input

8. IT stands for ____

Answer: Information Technology

9. A byte is group of________

Answer: eight binary digits

10. ഇന്ത്യയിലെ ആദ്യ വൈഫൈ നഗരം?

Answer: കൊൽക്കത്ത

11. What is the port number for HTTP?

Answer: 80

12. MAC addresses are also known as?

Answer: both and b above

13. Token Ring is a data link technology for ?

Answer: LAN

14. 10Base5, 10Base2, 10BaseT are types of?

Answer: Ethernet

15. Which of the following below is/are capability of ICMP protocol?

Answer: Both b and d

16. The following device allows the user to add external components to a computer system

Answer: Ports/ system boards

17. Software that manages data in more than one file at a time and these files are treated as tables with rows and columns rather than as lists of records is

Answer: Relational Data Base Management Package

18. An automatic machine that is made to perform routine human tasks is

Answer: Robot

19. कम्पयूटर में विण्डों एक प्रकार है–

Answer: सॉफ्टवेयर का

20. भारत में निर्मित प्रथम कम्प्यूटर है–

Answer: सिद्धार्थ

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