Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

1. Five years__ a long time to wait

Answer: is

2. We have a friend ________ plays piano

Answer: who

3. ________ you apologize, he won’t forgive you
a. if
b. till
c. until
d. unless

Answer: unless

4. Albert Einstein was ___ famous scientist.
a. a
b. an
c. the
d. None of the above

Answer: a

5. Roentgen was ___ German physicist who discovered x-rays, revolutionizing medical diagnosis.

Answer: a

6. She works ___ a nationalised bank

Answer: in

7. Nothing ______ disturbs his sleep
a. ever
b. sometimes
c. everytime
d. never

Answer: ever

8. A duke's wife is known as :

Answer: duchess

9. When I arrived at the school, the bell______________________________

Answer: had rung

10. Fill in the blanks with correct reported speech: Rani asked the girl…...........

Answer: what she was doing

11. A poem in the form of an addess is :

Answer: Dramatic monologue

12. The word nearest in meaning to the word 'endeavour' is :

Answer: attempt

13. Choose the incorrectly spelt word

Answer: reccommend

14. Devanarayan asked the boy:

Answer: What he was doing

15. Choose the correct meaning of the foreign word ' vis a vis'

Answer: face to face

16. Choose the correctly spelt word:

Answer: Pronunciation

17. The river divides the city ____ two parts.

Answer: into

18. The terrorists blew ....... the bridge.

Answer: up

19. Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blank in the sentence— My father is angry …… me.

Answer: With

20. Who wrote the poem ‘Tintern Abbey’ ?

Answer: Wordsworth

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