Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

1. Radha is ____ actress.

Answer: an

2. Make sure you close all the windows ___ it starts to rain.

Answer: before

3. It is impossible to separate belief _______emotion
a. from
b. for
c. to
d. with

Answer: from

4. The market is at the _________ end of the city.
a. feather
b. farthest
c. further
d. farther

Answer: farthest

5. I ______ him lately.
a. have not seen
b. have not seen
c. will not see
d. did not see

Answer: have not seen

6. .Choose the correct word to replace the phrase given below: Having the power to know everything

Answer: omniscient

7. A child whose father is dead:

Answer: orphan

8. "Carpe diem" means :

Answer: Enjoy the present day

9. The word 'clandestine' means :

Answer: secret

10. If DUCKS : QUACK then HORSES : ____________

Answer: NEIGH

11. Vishnu is the _____________ boy in his class

Answer: tallest

12. Of the two sisiters, Gayathri and Theertha, Gayathri is __________ attarctive

Answer: more

13. We cannot go out now because it :

Answer: is raining

14. . A ____________ of lios.

Answer: pride

15. Which is the tallest building in Asia??

Answer: Burj Khalifa, Dubai

16. Which country was formerly known as Persia ??

Answer: Iran

17. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘ENRICH’:

Answer: Diminish

18. Choose the incorrectly spelt word:

Answer: Grammer

19. Which word is correctly spelt?

Answer: Traverse

20. Choose the indirect speech of—My father said, ‘Study hard’—

Answer: My father asked me to study hard

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