Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

1. 100 liters__ a lot of water
a. have
b. is
c. are
d. will be

Answer: is

2. I\'ll give him ______ news.

Answer: the

3. She\'s ___ a snobbish person ___ nobody likes to be with her

Answer: such, that

4. It is impossible to separate belief _______emotion
a. from
b. for
c. to
d. with

Answer: from

5. The market is at the _________ end of the city.
a. feather
b. farthest
c. further
d. farther

Answer: farthest

6. I wish it wasn't raining means
a. It wasn\'t raining
b. It will rain
c. It isn\'t raining
d. It is raining

Answer: It is raining

7. One Word Substitution: Condition involving difficulty in reading and spelling.
a. Hypothermia
b. Dyslexia
c. Dyspepsia
d. None of these

Answer: Dyslexia

8. I ______ him lately.
a. have not seen
b. have not seen
c. will not see
d. did not see

Answer: have not seen

9. When I arrived at the school, the bell______________________________

Answer: had rung

10. if it rains, we______________________ the game.

Answer: shall postpone

11. Choose the opposite of the word given below: ‘guest’

Answer: host

12. Are you afraid ________ him ?

Answer: of

13. The antonym of 'curiosity' is ___________

Answer: anxiety

14. . A ____________ of lios.

Answer: pride

15. You ____________ ask permission.

Answer: had better

16. This is the house _____________ I was born.

Answer: where

17. We should always _____________ the meaning of new words in the dictionary.

Answer: look up

18. .The study of the original and history of words

Answer: phonology

19. Which is the largest city in Asia by area??

Answer: Beijing

20. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘PRELIMINARY’:

Answer: Fina

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