Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

1. Fifty miles__ a long way to ride a motorbike?

Answer: is

2. One word for ‘show in the form of a picture’ is____

Answer: depict

3. Had he applied, he ________ the job

Answer: would have got

4. I\'m ____ student.

Answer: a

5. Poor people hardly get loans from nationalised banks, ______?
a. did they
b. do they
c. didn’t they
d. don’t they

Answer: do they

6. The boy had finished his homework when _______
a. I call him
b. I have called him
c. I had called him
d. I called him

Answer: I called him

7. The older he got _____he became.
a. the happy
b. the happier
c. happier
d. more happier

Answer: the happier

8. Select the word or phrase which is nearest in meaning to the following word: 'Agenda'

Answer: assignment

9. .The earth......... around the sun

Answer: revolves

10. If you had gone there, you _______ the clear picture of the incident.

Answer: should have got

11. When was ______ radio invented?

Answer: the

12. He is as _____________ as a bee

Answer: nimble

13. Are you afraid ________ him ?

Answer: of

14. Point out the errot part in : He told me that I am an intelligent girl.

Answer: I am

15. Vishnu is the _____________ boy in his class

Answer: tallest

16. Which Asian country’s tourism tagline is “The Wonder of Asia”

Answer: Sri Lanka

17. You gained an advantage ____ me.

Answer: over

18. Everyone has heard of ‘phrasal verbs’, ___?

Answer: haven’t they

19. It .............. since eight o'clock this morning.

Answer: has been raining

20. The word ‘Tacit’ means—

Answer: Silent

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