Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

1. That was the _____ question in the paper
a. more difficult
b. difficulty
c. difficultest
d. most difficult

Answer: most difficult

2. That\\\'s Kumar. He\\\'s ___ travel agent

Answer: a

3. It\'s usually quite simple to cross the border between the USA and Canada ___ these two countries have friendly relations.

Answer: because

4. What is the meaning of the idioms
Wow! It's raining cats and dogs today! I wish I'd brought my umbrella to school!

Answer: It\\\'s raining heavily.

5. I appreciate her ________ in her studies

Answer: regularity

6. Many people _____________the poor.

Answer: looked down on

7. He works eight hours ____________________day.

Answer: a

8. The market is at the ___________________________ end of the city.

Answer: farthest

9. it is impossible to separate belief___________________emotion.

Answer: from

10. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposi,tion: I have been staying here ------- 2005

Answer: since

11. Many a life .......... lost in the ship wreck.

Answer: has been

12. If you had ordered it, I _______________ it.

Answer: would have arranged

13. I met ___________ university player .

Answer: a

14. . "Rama ans Krishna are brothers". In this sentence 'and' is :

Answer: Conjuction

15. We cannot go out now because it :

Answer: is raining

16. Devanarayan asked the boy:

Answer: What he was doing

17. If you invited me I__________.

Answer: would come

18. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word ‘RESERVED’:

Answer: Talkative

19. ‘A person who abstains from all kinds of alcoholic drinks’ is called a—

Answer: Teetotaller

20. Choose the indirect speech of—My father said, ‘Study hard’—

Answer: My father asked me to study hard

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