Kerala PSC English Questions and Answers

1. We have a friend ________ plays piano

Answer: who

2. Yesterday ________ European called at my house

Answer: a

3. ______ world is a happy place to most people

Answer: an

4. ______ lion is the king of beasts

Answer: the

5. Do you like _____ music

Answer: classical

6. __________ large city Kochi has become in ten years

Answer: What a

7. Speak loud, __________

Answer: will you

8. one who is driven to the wall എന്നതിന്റെ ശരിയായ അർത്ഥം

Answer: ഗതികെട്ടവൻ

9. What is the meaning of the idioms
Wow! It's raining cats and dogs today! I wish I'd brought my umbrella to school!

Answer: It\\\'s raining heavily.

10. Mohan is five years senior ______ Jaleel

Answer: than

11. The word which has the same meaning of "prominence” is :

Answer: importance

12. Choose the correct meaning of the following word: Celebrity

Answer: fame

13. Choose the opposite of the word given below: ‘guest’

Answer: host

14. .Choose the correct word to replace the phrase given below: Having the power to know everything

Answer: omniscient

15. Which of the following is a one word for "the custom of having only one wife" ?

Answer: Monogamy

16. She often _____________ to church

Answer: goes

17. Which is correctly spelt ?

Answer: lieutenant

18. Asia is subdivided into how many countries?

Answer: 48 countries.

19. Which is the largest city in Asia by population??

Answer: Tokyo

20. I want to avoid .......... him.

Answer: meeting

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