Kerala PSC Economics Questions and Answers 4

61. ഇന്ത്യയിൽ ആദ്യമായി കറൻസി നോട്ട് ക്യാൻസൽ ചെയ്ത പ്രധാനമന്ത്രി ആര്

Answer: മൊറാർജി ദേശായ്

62. പുതിയ 2000 രൂപയുടെ വലുപ്പം (നീളം x വീതി)

Answer: 166 മില്ലിമീറ്റർ, 66 മില്ലിമീറ്റർ

63. The goods produced by the diary corporation in Denmark are sold under the trademark

Answer: Lurbrand

64. ഇന്ത്യന്‍ സാമ്പത്തിക വ്യവസ്ഥയുടെ പിതാവ്

Answer: ദാദാബായ് നവറേജി

65. ഗോള്‍ഡ് സ്റ്റാൻഡേർഡ് ആദ്യമായി അംഗീകരിച്ച രാജ്യം

Answer: ബ്രിട്ടണ്‍

66. രണ്ട് വില്‍പ്പനക്കാര്‍ തമ്മിലുള്ള കമ്പോള വ്യവസ്ഥയുടെ പേര്

Answer: ഡിയോ പോളി

67. Recommendations of which committee recently provided useful suggestions for the future road- map of food policy?

Answer: Shards Kumar Committee

68. Which of the following country has the second highest tax slab?

Answer: Argentina

69. Indian GST model has _________rate structure.

Answer: 4

70. The headquarters of GST council is _______

Answer: New Delhi

71. The Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) announced that every year _________ will be considered as GST Day.

Answer: July 1

72. Which of the following comes under sin tax?

Answer: All a, b and c

73. Combined Stake of Central and State Government in GSTN is _________.

Answer: 49%

74. ‘Supernormal’ profit may exist in a market due to—

Answer: Asymmetry of information

75. The slope of an indifference curve expresses—

Answer: The marginal rate of substitution of two goods

76. Hedging and speculation in forex markets—

Answer: Are opposite activities

77. Public-Private Partnership projects in India are mostly related to—

Answer: Roads

78. Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana was launched by GOI in August 2007 with the objective(s) of—

Answer: All of the above

79. The Buffer Stock of foodgrains at the beginning of February 2009 stood at—

Answer: 36.2 million tonnes

80. Autocorrelation in econometric analysis refers to—

Answer: The correlation between the values of different variables

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